Beijing 2008 - Part 2

Author: Cath  /  Category: Xuan Kong - Flying Stars


Beijing 2008 - the number 8

Exactly 8 days left until the 8/8/08. Why are the Olympics starting exactly on that day? The number 8 is considered as very fortunate in Chinese tradition, as it represents prosperity, and is one of the most fortunate numbers.

Coming back to Feng Shui, we are actually in period 8. The Flying Star 8 White - Zuo Fu, element earth, is associated to the North-East. Actually a timely star, it is mainly a very favorable star governing financial aspects. The attributes of the 8 White Star are primarily prosperity, wealth and fame.

So, it is surely not a question of coincidence that the Olympics held this year in Beijing will start on 8/8/08, which should be one more step to help ensure success.

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