“Feng Shui” Objects

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“Feng Shui” Objects or lucky charms

A very common question is whether there are specific objects or “Feng Shui” objects to encourage good health, wealth, work or love. Many items are sold as “Feng Shui” objects which supposedly will benefit us.

I saw Feng Shui candles, one of each color - representing the five elements - with the Chinese ideogram and translation of each element. This is a good example of pure marketing. Why? A candle represents the fire element. A blue or black candle with the ideogram inscription of water can not represent the water element as it is a contradiction in itself.

Other objects commonly found as favorable for a good Feng Shui come from Chinese tradition. We can find statues of good fortune, such as three-legged frogs, statues of gods of the Chinese mythology, gold ingots or the famous ancient Chinese coins. Another example is the water fountain or lucky bamboo.

As in all traditions, we all have objects representing one thing or another. There is a tradition of planting an almond tree in the garden of a new house or have a container with salt, so that we are not lacking wealth and health. We must not confuse tradition with science.

When applying Feng Shui we use the five elements to harmonize a specific space. To implement the five elements, we use its characteristics as color, shape or the element itself. If it is necessary to use the water element in an area of the house, you can use the color of water, a fountain or an aquarium. If the fire element is required, it can be the color red or a candle. And if you need the metal element, it can be a statue or metal coins. At no time a so called “Feng Shui” object is used.

It is a very common contradiction to find Classic Feng Shui consultants, which supposedly do not believe in all these “Feng Shui” objects, but which profit of the ignorance of people and sell these items in order to have a part of the market.

If you have a house and like the Asian decor, having objects of the Chinese tradition makes sense. But your house will not have better Feng Shui. A modern house with a modern interior does not require “Feng Shui” objects to be consistent with the theory of Feng Shui so that its inhabitants have a good life quality.

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