Feng Shui and remedies

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Feng Shui and remedies

Who has never read an article about Feng Shui with a complete list of remedies to use. It’s about Feng Shui decoration or Zen style. They indicate to have many plants and water sources, inter alia, to be sure of having good Feng Shui in our house. It seems all very easy and more than one will use these tips to ensure a more harmonious life.

There are no remedies ready to use at random. Indeed, we have at hand all necessary remedies. The only thing we have to do is make sure to place them in the right place. The right place depends on the house. Every house is different and what is fine for one will not be correct for another.

We must always look at the house according to directions, the year of construction, the inhabitants of the house and the surrounding area. The directions of the house are important to know what kind of energy affects our house. The year of construction tells us to which period belongs the house and helps us to establish a chart of the Flying Stars, which show the influence of energy in every moment. We must analyze the energies of the house in relation to its inhabitants, to see if this influence is positive or negative. The surroundings of a house have its importance, as the forms determine the element and each element has a specific energy that affects our house.

As we can see, there are so many factors involved in Feng Shui that there are no unique remedies ready to use at random. Having a plant can be very nice but we have to take into account its element, the wood element, to know what is its ideal place in our house.

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