Feng Shui and photos

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Feng Shui and photo frames

Should we give great importance to photo frames?

How important are photo frames depends on several factors. The first thing to take into consideration is the frame itself. The frame represents an element depending on its color, shape or element itself. Thus, a wooden frame obviously represents the wood element. Thus, we must take into account the element of the frame for a given sector.

Another aspect is the photo. This is rather important in the 8 Aspirations system. In the relationship area, for example, it is appropriate to put photos of couples. And in the family area are more appropriate family photos. Beyond the 8 Aspirations system, we must bear in mind the Flying Stars and put photos of couples, families or children in appropriate sectors depending on the Stars of the sector.

Once again, we must first analyze our house to see which the appropriate elements for each sector are and depending on them we use the elements in decoration, including the photo frames.

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