Feng Shui and mirrors

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Feng Shui and mirrors

One of the frequently asked questions about Feng Shui is the use of mirrors. Is it a problem to have mirrors in the bedroom? Can a mirror face another mirror? May I have a mirror in the entry? are just a few samples of these doubts.

Mirrors are a reflecting tool. This is the most important thing to take into consideration about mirrors. So, whatever is reflected in a mirror is what counts. When placing a mirror at home, we must think about what it will reflect, what image we will see in them.

If you place a mirror that reflects beautiful plants, it will be good energy. If, on the contrary, the mirror reflects part of a room that is not organized, well, this won’t be very good. It’s all a matter of what is reflected. Think, for example, of a mirror that reflects a highway. Then, think of looking at this highway all the day. How would you feel?

Besides using mirrors in the bathroom for an obvious reason, mirrors are used as an architectural element that can enlarge small rooms or hide pillars. Nevertheless, we should always be sure of what they reflect before placing them.

We’ll have a look at the different options to place mirrors and the effect they have.

What about a mirror in your entry? It was said that this would reflect energies. More than reflecting the incoming energy, good or bad, it firstly reflects the door and while the door is open, it will reflect what is outside and interfere in the energies of the house. As it is a very sensitive issue, it is normally recommended to avoid a mirror in the entry reflecting the main door.

What about a mirror in the bedroom? It is recommended to avoid mirrors in the bedroom if they reflect your bed. The main reason is that this will disturb your sleep, as it reflects you. But you may have a mirror in your bedroom if it doesn’t reflect it.

What about mirrors placed one in front of another? Once again, it depends on what is reflected. The main purpose is to enlarge the room. But if you look in one mirror it will reflect the other one that reflects the first etc. This could be a strange feeling to look at it. If many items of the room are reflected, it would be better, but I personally do not recommend it, unless both mirrors are not directly facing.

What about mirrors in front of a window? The same applies for windows as for doors.

There is no standard response for mirrors, as all depends on where they are placed, what they reflect and which are the effects this has. You should always analyze the room when thinking about placing a mirror. If you are not sure about what to do, just try for a week. A week is pretty much to know if it makes you feel comfortable or not.

The placement of mirrors must always be analyzed with the surroundings. You have to see the room where the mirror is or should go, to be able to analyze it correctly taking all factors into account. 

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