Feng Shui and colors

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Feng Shui and colors

A very common question is whether there are specific colors in Feng Shui. The color is a characteristic of the elements used in Feng Shui. To find out what color is best suited in a room or a section of the house, we must first analyze the house to see what element is needed and where. We’ll use the Flying Star or the 8 Mansions system for the analysis.

If we must harmonize a sector of the house with the water element, we can choose the color - black or blue - to paint or for the decoration. We can use all shades of blue, from light blue to dark blue. For the bedroom, a soft color will always be more appropriate, since the bedroom is Yin. On the contrary, we can choose a stronger blue for a living room, as it is a Yang room.

For those who prefer the walls of their house in white, they can utilize the characteristics of the elements in the furniture and decoration to harmonize the energies.

Can I use red in a bedroom?

The red color is very intense and Yang, thus does not invite to sleep. However, it depends on the sector of the house and the person. I saw red bedrooms for people with Ming Gua 9 - Fire. When analyzing the house, the fire was appropriate in this sector and the person had no problem sleeping.

There are no specific colors for specific rooms. We must always analyze first the house and its inhabitants to know the appropriate element. From there, we can choose between color shades that we like.

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