Feng Shui and bedrooms

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Applying Feng Shui in the bedroom

One of the most important rooms of the house is without doubt the bedroom. We spent many hours there in our lives sleeping. In the case of children and adolescents, the bedroom becomes even more important, as they spend a good part of their time in it.

We can apply Feng Shui in the bedroom, but we must always take into account the entire house. As you know, we have to analyze the house to know in which sector or sectors is the bedroom. Once we have all the necessary data, we will know which is the most appropriate element for the bedroom. From there we can choose furniture, decorations and appropriate colors.

Another very important point is the location of the bed. The main guideline is to have the bed in one of our favorable directions. If the layout of the bedroom allows us, we can choose which of the four directions should be most favorable. If not, we must always give priority to a favorable direction. You can use the Ming Gua calculator to know your personal number and favorable and unfavorable directions (to avoid).

What must we avoid in a bedroom?

The bedroom has to be more Yin, thus we must avoid water sources or an aquarium, plants, mirrors that reflect directly the bed and electrical appliances such as television or computer.

The bedroom has to invite us to rest. But when it comes to the bedroom of a child or adolescent, they use to play, study or listen to music in the bedroom. We will have to be careful with the “poisoned arrows” or edges of the desktop and shelves towards the bed. We should separate the spaces of rest and activity inside the bedroom, using one side of the bedroom for the bed and the other side for other activities.

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