Catherine Polet

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Catherine Polet is a Feng Shui consultant and author of a book about Feng Shui. She has lived in Belgium, Germany, France and Luxembourg. Currently, she resides in Alicante, Spain.

The Feng Shui Concept

Since 1999, she devoted herself to counseling, education and dissemination of Feng Shui. In 2007, she founded the company The Feng Shui Concept, which works in collaboration with the Foundation “The Felicity Concept”. The studies and courses of Feng Shui are conducted in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Dutch.

“The Felicity Concept” Foundation

She is founder of “The Felicity Concept” Foundation, fully dedicated to working with NGOs to provide a decent home to the most disadvantaged in the poorest countries and with less economic and social development.


“The Feng Shui Concept” (2008).