Consultation prices

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How much does a Feng Shui consultation cost?

Each Feng Shui consultant has its own criteria to determine the price of a Feng Shui consultation. To compare between a consultation and another, we must first distinguish between the types of consultation. The main differences to take into account depend on if:

  • the Feng Shui consultation is: for a house - for a business,
  • the Feng Shui consultation is: online (distance) - onsite.

In addition, the price will depend, in most cases:

  • on the number of inhabitants (house) or employees (business)
  • on the number of plants and / or square meters

They also are prices set:

  • per hour or
  • at fixed rate.

Comparing these criteria, we can choose which the consultation that best fits our budget is. However, before we decide, we must compare what it includes exactly, namely which systems or methods of Feng Shui are applied for the consultation.

Prices vary greatly depending on all these criteria and you can find Feng Shui consultations for free up to more than € 6000. Before deciding to request a Feng Shui consultation, we must take into account all these criteria.

An expensive Feng Shui consultation will be better than a cheap Feng Shui consultation?

The price may be an indication to use when comparing, but is not necessarily synonymous with quality. Here, too, it is a criterion set by the Feng Shui consultant. Each consultant has to assess what is an appropriate price when it comes to fix it.

My approach is to offer online Feng Shui consultation for €68, regardless of the number of inhabitants, plants or square meters. I think that a Feng Shui consultation is not just for people who have a certain economic level and I wish that everyone can afford a Feng Shui consultation.

A Feng Shui consultation will improve your life quality, if implemented correctly. The influence of Feng Shui in our lives is only one third, thus we should not expect miracles. What we can expect as a result is a favorable change in our life, whether personal or professional, which allows us to live better. This includes improvements in health, improvement in our relations, improvements in our work and economic improvements.