Feng Shui & our element

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Feng Shui and our element

In Feng Shui, each person has its own Ming Gua, or personal number, which corresponds to one of the five elements. In Chinese astrology, the animal for our birth year also corresponds to one of the five elements.

Are the two elements identical?

Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The element of our Ming Gua is not identical to the element of our animal in Chinese astrology. But it can happen that both are equal.

2008 is the year of the water rat and children born this year will have the water element. But in Feng Shui, the calculation of Ming Gua makes the difference between men and women. Thus, boys born in 2008 will have the water element and girls born in 2008 will have the earth element. As we can see, the Ming Gua is the same for boys but different for girls.

Another example is that of persons born in 1982: the element of the Chinese animal is water, but the Ming Gua for men is the fire element and for women is the metal element. Thus, we can have three different elements for the same year.

It is clear that the element of the animal in Chinese astrology is not synonymous to the element of our Ming Gua.

Feng Shui and love

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Feng Shui and love

How can benefit Feng Shui our relationships?

As I said earlier, Feng Shui is only one third that influence our lives. However, there may be blocked energy in our home or workplace that prevents us from having harmonious relationships, whether with our partners, colleagues or family.

More than the South-West sector - relations - of the 8 Aspirations system, we can choose our favorable direction Yan Nian, according to the 8 Mansions system, to favor our relations.

In the Flying Stars system, the Mountain star is responsible to all personal, whether health or relationships. We need to look at the house and activate the favorable Mountain stars to enhance our personal well-being that is both our health and our relationships.

Once again I want to focus on the importance of correctly analyzing the house before applying any element to activate a particular sector. We cannot activate the South-West sector of the house without taking into account the Flying Stars, as it could trigger a malignant Star with its consequent negative result.

Applying Feng Shui correctly helps us improve our life, in all aspects.

Feng Shui and money

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Feng Shui and money

Many people expect that Feng Shui improves their economy. How can Feng Shui help us financially?

In the 8 Mansions system, we can use our favorable direction Sheng Qi to attract prosperity.

In the 8 Aspirations system, the South-East area of the house corresponds to wealth. Using this system alone can be activated with the water element, as the South-East is of the wood element. But if we consider the Flying Stars system, we risk activating negative Stars and won’t get any positive result.

In the Flying Stars system, the Water stars - also known as the Facing stars - are responsible for wealth. We need to analyze the house to see the combinations of stars and activate the Water stars that are favorable.

If we combine the two systems (8 Mansions and Flying Stars), taking into account the surroundings of the house that may trigger the stars, we can enhance all aspects of prosperity.

This does not mean that we will win the lottery overnight, as Feng Shui is only one third that influence our lives.

What we can expect is an improvement in our economy and hence our quality of life.

Ming Gua

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Ming Gua - your personal number

To accurately apply Feng Shui to your home, one of the first things you should know and take into account is your personal number or Ming Gua. The Ming Gua (also called Kua number) is calculated from your birth year. The calculation also depends on the gender.

Each Ming Gua belongs to one of the five Chinese elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal. And each Ming Gua belongs to either the East or the West Group. Water, wood and fire belong to the East Group, while earth and metal belong to the West Group.

The four favorable directions of the East Group (North, East, South-East, and South) are the unfavorable directions of the West Group (North-East, South-West, West, and North-West) and vice-versa.

Use this Feng Shui calculator to know your Ming Gua and your good and bad directions.

Why is our Ming Gua so important?

The Ming Gua determines our favorable and unfavorable directions. That means that if we sleep pointing towards one of our favorable directions or work looking (sitting) towards one of our favorable directions, depending on which one it is, we will benefit from its good energy. On the contrary, sleeping or sitting in a bad direction will have negative, unfavorable effects.

It doesn’t matter in which one of your favorable directions you sleep, unless you want to benefit from a particular energy, but you should absolutely avoid sleeping and working in one of your unfavorable directions. If you really can’t change it, you should at least try to be in the least bad direction, but I highly recommend avoiding any bad direction.